Comenius Project

Comenius Project: Building Bridges and Extending Horizons

We are presently involved in a Comenius Project called ‘Building Bridges and Extending Horizons’ with schools in Germany; Turkey; Poland; Spain and Belgium. From October 9th – 12th 2013, four staff members travelled to observe in a school in Germany.  We will also be visiting the following countries over the next two years:

-Turkey via Istanbul: February 2014

-Poland via Gdansk: May 2014

-Germany via Gerolstein: September 2014

-Spain via Tenerife: February 2015

-Belgium via Liege: June 2015.

Our European Partners will visit is in May 2015.

The project will promote communication between our European Partners where the students and staff of all schools will exchange ideas and information so we can improve teaching and learning in our schools. Activities will be developed utilising the theme of ‘Building Bridges’.

The project will culminate in a festival and exhibition in Belgium in June 2015.  We are hopeful that we will be able to fund at least two pupils (and two parents) who will travel to Belgium, as part of the project.

Note: A parent/guardian of any pupil selected will need to be available to travel also. They will need to provide a copy of current passports for themselves and their child to the school. Selection of pupils will be based on the accumulation of ‘green cards’ in line with our Code of Behaviour.

Please see the link below for the 2014 report:

Comenius School Partnership June 2014

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