Our students have voted for a new school uniform. Please click on the link below  to download image for the post-primary school tracksuit.

Uniform for Physical Education.

If you are unable to download the link please see the website below:

It has been recommend that we have an alternative colour uniform for pupils in the primary section of our school. Please see the  blue, white and navy tracksuit chosen at http://www.masita.ie/html/boston-half-zip.html.

Proposals made thus far from the whole school community:

  • A white polo-shirt to go inside the uniform and tracksuit
  • Navy trousers and navy v-neck for post-primary pupils
  • Navy trousers and royal blue v-neck for primary pupils
  • Dark shoes for formal wear and dark trainers to be worn with the tracksuit
  • Light blue tracksuit top for primary
  • Maroon tracksuit top for post-primary
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms without stripes for primary and post-primary pupils.

Any further suggestions can be written into your child’s homework diary.

  • Drumming Concert

2 comments on “Gallery

  1. HI i am not able go in to the link for the photo of the new uniform

    • Hi Karen,

      When you press on the link, a small box will appear at the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you download the document the image should appear once opened or if you go into the website specified you’ll be able to view the school tracksuit.


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