European Hearing for Inclusive Education 2015

260Nakita Hallissey and Blake O’ Gorman from St. Ita’s and St. Joseph’s Primary and Post-Primary School represented Ireland at the European Hearing for Inclusive Education 2015 on October 15th and Friday the 16th . They joined representatives from 36 countries from right across Europe where they outlined the inclusive practices in their own school and put forward recommendations to the European Commission which will impact on European Policy on inclusive education for all. Grace Sheehan their principal and Marion Murphy (classroom assistant) travelled to Luxembourg with the pupils to support them in having their voices heard at the international conference for inclusive education. Blake presented his recommendations in front of more than 200 participants and both Nakita and Blake ‘s views on inclusive education for all, will be available on the European Agency website in the near future. Attending the conference were Claude Meisch, Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Luxembourg; Martine Reicherts, Director General for Education and Culture, European Commisssion and Catherine Naughton, Director of the European Disability Forum. Both Blake and Nakita are completing their Junior Certificate and Blake is also completing his City and Guilds Qualification as a Painter/Decorator in St. Ita’s and St. Joseph’s Primary and Post-Primary school this year.

Below: Pictures of Nakita and Blake in Luxembourg

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