Student Council Elections

The results for our Student Council Election have been finalised. The following students will represent their peers on the Council over the coming year 2013-2014:

– Denise Brosnan

– Jamie O’ Brien

– Donal Lynch

– Daniel Gyngo

– Leroy McCarthy

– Rachel O’ Connor/Sharon Sheehan (same amount of votes)

– Cliona Palmer/Tamara Gleeson (same amount of votes)

– James Martin

– Craig Mc Cannon

– Jessica Dooner.


Where pupils received the same amount of votes, their year in office will be divided in two, to give both students an opportunity to take part in the Student Council.


The Student Council will play a central role in:

– reforming school policies if needed

– speaking on behalf of the students in their classes

– presenting updates at assembly and other meetings

– making positive changes on behalf of other students

– represent the students at school events

– interact with the local media for these events

– promote and organise fundraising in the school.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students who supported the school last year as representatives on the Council:

–       Catherine Moriarty

–       Luke Scollard

–       Anne Marie Ladden

–       Richard O’ Connor

–       Lydia Keane

–       Ger O’ Mahony

–       Nakkitta Hallissey

–       Kevin Looney

–       Nicole O’ Sullivan

–       Eoin O’ Sullivan

–       CJ Miller.


Their dedication to their fellow peers and their time and effort to improve our school is very much appreciated.

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