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School Activities and News: January 2012

Happy New Year.

Welcome back to all our staff and students. We hope they had a lovely break and are now ready to face this term’s work with energy and enthusiasm.

School Improvements.

During the holidays, works were carried out in the school to improve the insulation in one of the classrooms, to improve security in the secretary’s office as well as extra facilities for displaying students work along the corridors.

Confirmation Preparation.

Preparation is well underway for our Confirmation which is on April 20th this year. Tralee Pioneers will give a talk to the students on the importance of staying away from drink and drugs.  Confessions will take place in St. Brendan’s Church on Monday January 30th at 7.30pm. Then on Saturday February 4th, our students will join other confirmation students from St. Brendan’s Parish at the 7.30pm mass to take their pledge to keep away from all alcoholic drink and drugs.


Trials are being held throughout all the classes to select two teams for the inter-schools quiz. Once chosen, these teams will be given plenty of facts to learn for the competition which will take place in early February.

Limerick Musical.

Most of the students and staff went to Limerick on Tuesday !7th January to see Catherine McCauley School’s musical “Hoods”.  This superb show was written by one of the teachers Mr. Declan Brommell. It was based on a community’s fight against plans to demolish it, to make way for development. The orchestra was made up of students and staff. The music was wonderful, the sets were fantastic  and the story was really interesting. Everyone came away delighted with “Hoods” and amazed at the talent and the effort involved by Catherine McCauley School in putting on such a show.

Horse Riding.

Six of our students had a truly wonderful time at “PonyTails” horse riding school in Faha, Killarney on Friday 20th January. They were the lucky ones whose names had been pulled out in a raffle of green-card holders. Each student had their own trainer who showed them the basics of horse care and then gave them their first ever riding lesson. The students’ smiles said it all. They have another five lessons to do.

 Pioneer Talk.

Mary and Michael from the Tralee Pioneers came to the school on Friday the 20thJanuary to talk to our Confirmation students about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and the benefit of taking a pledge to stay away from both. Our students have the opportunity to take the pledge in a special ceremony in St. Brendan’s Church on February 4th next.

Munster Trials.

Well done to four of our students who performed so well on January 24th in Cork at the inter-schools “football for all” trials in Limerick. We will be contacted in due course about further trials or selection.


The school has booked four weeks of swimming practice for our swimming team in the Banna Beach Hotel swimming pool for the month of February. This is in preparation for the forthcoming swimming gala in Cork in early March.

 Spring Bulbs Sale.

At present, the school is selling decorated pots of spring flowering bulbs to raise funds for the “Rag Doll Syndrome” Association. Large pots are selling for €2 each while the smaller pots can be bought for €1∙50.

 “Zumba” Dancing.

The school will provide zumba dancing lessons for all green card holders for the month of February. As this is a new activity for the school we are all very excited of what lies in store for us! More details later.

 Woodwork Lessons.

We are finalising plans for our forty hours of woodwork between now and the end of the year. It will take place in Mercy Mounthawk School for two classes a week. A bus paid for by the school, will transport interested students to and from Mounthawk School. 

 Football Champions.

 Congratulations to our wonderful “A” football team who won the Munster “Football for All” inter-schools tournament in Cork on the 27th January 2012. They gave a magnificent display of skill and more importantly of team work as they blazed a path through three games to get to the final. They met a very strong Dungarvan side but did not falter as they came away 5:2 winners. Each one of them were stars on the day. Stars too were our “B” team who played their hearts out and were just unlucky to have been beaten in the play-offs. Everyone came home feeling great because they had done their best.


Those who will be leaving our school at the end of this year will be given the opportunity to go and see what is on offer at the National Learning Network, Fas, St. John of God’s and Tralee IT on Wednesday, while on Thursday they will go to Kerry Parents and Friends in Killarney and Camphill in Dingle.

Then on February 8th, these service providers will come to the school to meet with the students and their parents to discuss students’ options.


Over the coming weeks, we will have prospective students coming to visit us so that they can become more familiar with us before they will join us next year. We hope they will enjoy this time with us.


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