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School activities and News: April 2012

Television Stars.
All our eyes were glued to the Winning Streak programme on RTE on Saturday April 7th when for just a little while the whole country got a chance to see a little of what happens in our school. It was all thanks to the fund-raising we did for the “Rag-Doll” Syndrome Association who wanted to promote their fund-raising efforts so they showed what we did to raise funds for them. There were some lovely shots of some of us planting bulbs in the garden, listening to a talk about this disease in the classroom as well as zumba dancing.
Gold Medal Star.
We were thrilled with the news that Dylan McCarthy had succeeded in winning gold at Soccer Home International Series in Scotland during the Easter holidays. He told us he had a wonderful time there and proudly showed off his gold medal – well deserved for someone who is four years younger than most of his opponents.
Those of our students who were so lucky to be taken to Lourdes at Easter by the IHCPT had a wonderful time there. They came home exhausted but happy after a thoroughly enjoyable week.
Junior Cert Music Exam.
Our Junior Cert students got the first part of their music completed with the practical exam where they had to listen to, and identify certain notes, pieces and instruments. All said they were pleased with it.
On April 20th, nine of our students were confirmed by Fr Sean Hanafin in Balloonagh Convent Church across the road. It was a very special occasion attended by the students, their families, the rest of the school, members of the B.O.M and specially invited guests. Our students were brilliant on the day – a just reward for all the hard work they did practicing for this special event. The rest of the students sang their hearts out in the choir. Afterwards, everyone was invited back to the school for refreshments. That was a lovely social occasion.
Computer System.
We are currently upgrading our computer system which will take a few weeks to complete. As a result, we may not be able to access the sites we normally use until the change-over is complete.
Practice and trials are underway to pick a school team to take part in the annual outdoor  Munster athletics competition in May.  Competition is usually intense but nevertheless it is always a very enjoyable day out.
Spring Clean.
On Tuesday 24th April, taking advantage of the fine morning, some of our students took part in the annual “spring-clean” effort using litter pickers, gloves and bags supplied by Tralee Council.They cleaned up the area immediately outside the school.
Home Economics Exam.
Our Junior Cert students got a chance to show how well they can cook when they undertook the practical Home Economics exam this week. Judging by the wonderful smells wafting along the corridor from the Home Ec room, they all did very well.
Two classes of our students will undertake an integrated P.E. programme with the senior girls in Presentation Secondary School, Tralee for the next five weeks.This has proven to be very beneficial to both ours and the host students.
We received great news this week with the sanction by the DES of a  class for younger children with autism from Sept 2012 on. We also have been sanctioned for a Junior Infant class from September 2013 onward. Additional teachers and SNAs are currently being applied for. It is hoped that we will be granted permission to build dedicated units for both classes in the near future.


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